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Vanah White

About The Dad Book

Dads come in many shapes and sizes. Just like the tools they buy from Lowe's or Home Depot, they all have a unique purpose in our life.

20 dads will teach us how-tos every father should know, including how to change a spare tire and how to barbecue. 

10 will provide quirky how-tos, including how to surf and how to set up the perfect tea party.

And finally 20 dads will share their unique experience as a father, including a same-sex couple raising a child and the single mom raising a family on her own.

About Nate

The son of a carpenter, Nate has fond memories of time spent building things with his dad, whether it be a ping-pong catapult for a school project, or putting LEGOs together as a youngster.

Nate fell in love with business at an early age, as he grew up watching his dad operate his own construction company. 

Combining his love for business and creation, Nate is excited to begin building The Dad Book, an unparalleled look into the lives of 50 dads to help encourage the next generation of influential fathers.  

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About Vanah White

Vanah White (noun): A play on words combining Vanagon with the oohing and aahing of those passing by.

This 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon  has a 2.1 liter wasserboxer engine that cranks out 90 horsepower. In other words, driving through the mountains is a blast!

She has plenty of character, with instructions written in German and an odometer that reads kilometers instead of miles per hour.

Vanah has been retrofitted with a 100 watt solar panel for charging Nate's phone, laptop, and small electronics. She has plenty of room for a bed, dresser, and other living essentials.

The 13,000 Mile Expedition

Nate left Kalamazoo, Michigan on April 14, 2019 to begin what would ultimately become a 13,000 mile road trip to all 50 United States.

Although Hawaii and Alaska require transportation by plane, the goal is for Vanah White to touch the 48 contiguous states.

Nate often finds himself sleeping in rest stops, Planet Fitness and Walmart parking lots, and is always happy to share stories with strangers who open up their home for him.

Map Updated:
January 2020