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FAQ 005 | What's your plan for eating?

Today marks the end of the week-long mini-series. I hope this has been informative for you, and that some of my sarcasm didn't rub off the wrong way.

In the mini-series finale, let's jump into the mouth watering topic of food on the road!

From what I remember of my 7th grade health class, food is the powerhouse of the cell. Or something scientific like that..

While traveling, my budget for food is $10 or less a day. Knowing how to crunch numbers and write a blog, but having very little knowledge on how to diet in a healthy manner, I reached out to a friend from college that is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist.

With no refrigerator, but access to a camper stove, I was looking for: dry foods, high protein and carbs (to fight hunger), and minimal sodium to reduce the risk of heart attack on the road. That question alone should be on the exam to become a RDN!

She laid out the perfect plan consisting of lentils with garlic or basil seasoning (as these are shelf stable without the added sodium), tuna, and fruits and veggies. To top it off, she said to not feel bad about splurging on one unhealthy meal a week because well, we're all humans and a Big Mac is needed sometimes!

After reaching out to her, I did invest in an Ozark cooler that I found on Facebook Marketplace for $50. A quick Google search reveals that Ozark coolers are practically identical to the more popular Yeti brand. The only difference? About a $200-300 difference in the final price you'll pay for them!

So with a cooler that should be able to hold ice from a gas station for 3-5 days, I've also expanded my dietary consumption to eggs, deli meat, and bacon, because who doesn't love bacon?!

That wraps up this week's mini-series. I hope you've enjoyed the range of topics discussed and have a better understanding of how I plan to pull off The Dad Book. If you have a superfood you think I may be missing out on, please feel free to shoot me an email,

Thanks again for reading! Be on the lookout for more updates, as the ones coming up should be quite the surprise :)


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