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FAQ 004 | What's your route for the trip?

Ready for an intimidating photo?

Yes, that's my planned 13,250 mile trek across the United States (not shown is my kayaking trip to Hawaii).

Departing from Kalamazoo, Michigan, my plan is to head south ASAP! Eskimos may be able to live out of igloos at freezing temperatures, but I'm choosing to be as warm as possible throughout this endeavor.

Once south of Tennessee, I should be far enough from the snow to comfortably live out of the back of my van with just a sleeping bag and plenty of blankets. My plan is to then start heading west by zig-zagging through the southern states, all the way to California.

Not shown is how I plan to get to Hawaii. When I bought the Dadillac, I didn't pay for the James Bond Submersible package, therefore eliminating hope for the Dadillac to make the trip. I'm honestly going into California without a plan on how to get to Hawaii, as I want to make a story in itself of how I pulled off getting there. Maybe I will kayak, or meet a rich billionaire taking his private yacht across the pacific and be his bartender while on the trip. Or (realistically) I may just buy a plane ticket there and back haha.

Regardless, I'm choosing to not have a plan on how to get to Hawaii because I want it to be spontaneous and exciting on how I pull it off.

As the above image shows, I will be driving to Alaska. Sleeping bags and a heater will be a must, but I do have a cozy place to stay in Canada because of someone that heard the story on Instagram.

See you along the way!

How have you been liking this mini-series? Like it, love it, or gotta have it? (I spent my high school years working at Cold Stone if you can't tell) Shoot me an email with some honest criticism, or praise, so I can adjust accordingly:

See you tomorrow for the mouth watering mini-series finale:

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