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  • What has been your favorite state?
    Imagine going 5 days without shower while being covered in gasoline and being promised a warm shower, only to find out the "warm" shower is an ice cold hose on top of a mountain during a rainstorm? Sounds terrible, right? Wrong (in retrospect. I'd be lying if I said it didn't absolutely suck at the time), it was my favorite moment from the vanlife days in the beautiful state of Montana.
  • How do you find the dads to interview?
    Most (I'd say 80%) have gotten in touch with me through Facebook, Instagram, the news, or a mutual connection puts us in contact. The other 20% are spontaneous (no lie, the single "dad"-mom I interviewed in South Carolina sparked up a conversation with me in a Planet Fitness parking lot) or I actively approach them after seeing a viral post about their experience as a father.
  • How do you plan to get to Alaska and Hawaii?
    Alaska: Check. My buddy Brian and I flew from Seattle to Anchorage and spent 2 days with our Couchsurfing friend, Teo! Hawaii: Kayak, canoe, or offer to be the main chef on a billionaire's yacht for the week-long trip.... or just fly like a normal person.
  • What made you want to write a book on dads?
    Growing up the only son of three children, my dad has always been my role model. Whether I'm helping him build a house (seriously, he's a carpenter!) or playing catch in the yard, moments spent with my dad continue to positively impact my life in a huge way. Ask 10 people if their dad is their role model and I would bet at least 40% say no. That's 40% too much. By sharing the stories of 50 inspiring dads from across the United States, my goal with The Dad Book is to help shepherd in the next generation of influential fathers. Long story long, dads are dope and I want to showcase that.
  • Where do you sleep?
    During the vanlife days, here are a list of places I slept: 1. 24/7 Planet Fitness parking lots (showers, too!) 2. 24/7 Walmart parking lots 3. The app Couchsurfing 4. Craigslist (just kidding. Literally, never do this) 5. The archaic looking FreeCampsites.Net 6. Friends, family & other strangers I met along the way During the bike days, my plan is to: 1. Couchsurf 2. Pitch a tent at one of the campsites from FreeCampsites.Net 3. Friends, family & other strangers.
  • What's been your least favorite place?
    Gallup, New Mexico. Never again.
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