The Dad Book

50 Dads. 50 States.

Nate Timmons set out on the adventure of a lifetime on April 14, 2019 in a 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon dubbed Vanah White. Vanah led Nate on a 10 month quest across the United States to share the stories of 50 inspirational dads to help shepherd in the next generation of influential fathers. Interviewing one dad from each state, Nate has been calling this journey,

The Dad Book: 50 Dads. 50 States.

The project came to a screeching halt on January 30, 2020 in Cabot, Arkansas. Vanah and Nate were finishing the 36th state when Vanah's 35 year old engine threw a rod. Vanah's time with The Dad Book came to an end after 11,563 hard earned miles.

With just 14 states left and during the Covid-19 global pandemic, Nate decided to finish the rest of the journey on a bike, dubbed Teal Armstrong. Teal and Nate began their bikepacking adventure on June 28, 2020 in Cabot, Arkansas at the exact spot Vanah took her last breath. Teal and Nate overcame sweltering heat waves, vicious dogs, the rolling hills of Appalachia, and sleepless nights in a tent. Their 1,776 mile bike ride came to a sweet end in Portland, Maine on August 6, just 40 days after their maiden voyage. 

The Dad Book is now 49 states complete, with just Hawaii remaining. As Covid-19 keeps interstate travel to the island strictly regulated, Nate is waiting for Hawaii to lift the travel ban to complete this rollercoaster of a 50 state adventure. This is the story of The Dad Book.

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